Young Models

The International Shopping Mall for Virgins

This CD-ROM contains photos of young models taken by the author of "". Besides being very young and very beautiful, the girls whose images appear on this CD-ROM have another thing in common. They want to marry an American. Below are featured a few of the girls on this disk.

Fifteen year old Ling strikes a pose in casual and traditional Vietnamese dress.  After years of selling flowers to tourists, Ling speaks perfect English. As delicate and beautiful as the product she sells, Ling hopes to one day marry an American.

Sixteen year old Phong looks like Cinderella as she strikes her most beautiful pose. And like in the fairytale, this princess must return to work in her mother's laundry shop after the photo shoot.  She speaks perfect English and has her passport. Her immigration photo reveals her natural beauty."


"Young Models" will convince you to purchase "".

Sixteen year old Lam has always dreamed of marrying an American. She has her passport. Her immigration photo betrays her youth. Lam speaks English.

"" will describe exactly how to make Lam's dream a reality.

Silhouetted by the Mekong River, Tuyan appears much younger than her fourteen years. Tuyen and her family dream of the day when she is old enough to use the passport that is tucked away in this author's Florida condominium. Tuyan is profiled in the chapter entitled "Raising your own virgin."

By using immigration process described in "", you can bring a beautiful young virgin home as your wife.

This CD-ROM demonstrates the availability of young, beautiful, potential brides. More than 30 girls who hope to marry are featured with over 100 photographs. The book "" describes how to meet many more.

Available free for download

~10 mb download - Contains no illegal photography


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