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Although very young, these girls are old enough to immigrate to the USA (as a bride) under current US regulations. State law dictates the age of marriage and federal law regulates immigration. shows you how to coordinate state and federal laws to legally marry with very young virgins (after obtaining parental consent).

The girls pictured below speak fluent English. After years of selling chewing gum, books, and postcards to tourists in Saigon, they have learned to comprehend verbal tenses and other complex English language techniques. They are young, beautiful, intelligent, clean and virgin.

Thirty eight states would allow the use of Process F-129 to bring Miss LyLy (pictured below) home for immediate marriage (must marry within 90 days). She has her passport.

Miss Linh is legal to marry only in Massachesettes. A cooperative state probate court there could legally allow her to immigrate under federal laws as the bride of a man of any age.

Miss Trang is legal to marry in 14 states. By using exisiting laws, you could bring her home in 13 months.


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