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Post War Research

George Hoey Morris is the only person to conduct research in Vietnam since the 1975 collapse of Saigon. This book is a result of his efforts. The book opens with a brief description of previous research in Vietnam by the US Army and CBS and then continues with four scientific studies by this author.

  1. Attitudes of Vietnamese toward the US and Americans. (1992)
  2. Attitudes of Postwar Southern Vietnamese (toward a variety of subjects). (1995)
  3. Opinions of Mekong Delta residents toward government infrastructure. (1999)
  4. Presence of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in indigenous Vietnamese War veterans. (2000)

This research was considered illegal by the Vietnamese government. The author spent much time and money and endured considerable risks to obtain this data. Social scientists from around the world are invited to use this publication and its contents for any purpose they may chose.

The author arrives in Vietnam during December 1995 for his second research project. The three duffle bags contain 5000 questionnaires; most of which were later confiscated by authorities.

Newspaper articles about this research follow.


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