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Matrimony and the Minor

The author's first marriage to a foreign national was with the Chinese girl pictured below. A U.S. citizen now, her identity is obscured for her privacy. She speaks fluent English and has obtained her citizenship and a Master's degree from Auburn University.

First Wedding
Mr. Morris' first overseas bride

Mr. Morris' next three weddings took place in Vietnam. (Author's Weddings)

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Second Wedding

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Third Wedding
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His second wife is also Vietnamese.

Fourth Wedding
(fourth virgin marriage)

The Author's third Vietnamese wife is eighteen years old. A new law in Vietnam prohibits marriage to a girl under eighteen years old.

Honeymoon off the coast of Cambodia. "" includes these honeymoon photos.

Mr. Morris' next wife is standing to the right of the cake. Sixteen year old Tuyen is featured on page 120.

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Marriage requirements for every state are listed. Legal requirements and procedures for matrimony with minors from all over the world are described.

Many countries are packed with young girls anxious to marry an American. This book tells you where to go to find these young ladies and how to make them your bride.

Age to marry with and without parental consent are provided. Instructions are given for marriage of an adult male of any age to a 12 year old female in the US ( with parental consent). Areas of the world are identified that permit marriage to a virgin of virtually any age.

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