On April 4, 2003 Covington County Alabama authorities confiscated 1,000 "virginbride.net" books and 800 "Young Models" compact discs. The driver of the truck carrying these materials was charged with 2 counts of child pornography. During September, 2003 all charges were dropped after the grand jury was unable to provide evidence to support the charges. The book is legal.

After the Grand Jury failed to indict, Mr. Morris filed suit.  The Alabama Attorney General's office began representation of Covington County.  An illegal alliance was formed between the Attorney General, the mayor of Eclectic (Attorney General employee), and Homeland Security in an effort to derail Mr. Morris' claim for compensation.
On 30 December 2005 an Alabama trooper stopped Mr. Morris for speeding.  With the assistance of the mayor and Eclectic Police Department (EPD), this trooper searched Mr. Morris' vehicle.  This was despite his demand for constitutional protection.   Mr. Morris filed suit for this constitutional violation.
On 28 January 2005 the Alabama Attorney General Issued search warrants on Mr. Morris' home.  Homeland Security directed the raid and once again failed to find child pornography.  Mr. Morris drove to Texas.

A few days later a search warrant was executed on Morris' hotel room and car in Houston, Texas.  This was arranged by Homeland Security and they were once again searching for child pornography.  They came up empty handed.  The Attorney General's office issued a warrant for forgery and Morris was placed under arrest.


Please note that Morris was deported from Vietnam three times for illegal research and that he changed his name to Johnny Ray Fortune so that he could re-enter that country.  Mr. Morris has not committed fraud against any victim.
The forgery warrant stems from Morris' renewal of his Alabama drivers license after he returned from Vietnam.  This renewal occurred without him changing his name back to GHM.  Morris returned to Alabama to find that the warrant did not exist until 2 hours after he turned himself in for "fraud".
Sometime later, Morris was on the way to the hearing regarding the forgery charge whereas he had renewed his Alabama drivers license.  He was pulled over by EPD police and arrested for sexual misconduct on a claim that he has solicited nude photographs from  minor.  Because he was in jail, Morris missed the hearing and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.  The timing of the arrest leaves a strong likelihood that the incident was an illegal conspiracy by Homeland Security and the Eclectic mayor.
During this time Homeland Security began a search of the world under the auspices of its "operation predator" for sexual victims of Mr. Morris.  Once again, they came up empty handed.
Homeland Security and Alabama Attorney General employee / Eclectic mayor then made a drug raid on Morris' home.  The search was without a warrant and occurred despite Morris' demand for Fourth Amendment protection.  They took control of his home for over eight hours and eventually booked Morris for possession of paraphernalia and marijuana residue.  The search was a Fourth Amendment violation.

The following week EPD arrested Morris' son for "sale of marijuana to a minor".  There was no marijuana entered into evidence.  The arrest resulted from their attempt to have some type of probable cause for the earlier drug raid and was based on a report that he had smoked marijuana with the minor.  This was false.
Homeland Security then provided name change information to a Florida investigator who generated a felony warrant for having a GHM drivers license in that state.  Morris drove to Florida and turned himself in on another forgery warrant under the name Johnny Ray Fortune.  He posted bond and returned to Alabama.  Ft. Walton Beach attorney John Gontarek is representing Morris on that charge.
On 02 May 2005 Homeland Security placed Morris under arrest for checking "never been married before" on a fiancÚ visa (F-129) that he filled out four years earlier to bring his Vietnamese wife to the US.  He was placed under electronic monitoring until his hearing while he faces a maximum of ten years for this error.  Morris is currently under house arrest and wears an ankle bracelet.
On 11 May 2005, Morris left for a meeting with his federal attorney Jennifer Hart to discuss the Homeland Security charge relating to the fiancÚ visa.  EPD saw him leave and had the mistaken belief that he was violating his electronic monitoring.  Ten minutes after he finished the meeting he was arrested on two non-existent "failure to appear" warrants and another warrant for giving a false name to a police officer.  The warrant resulted from the ticket that was given to GHM before the illegal search and the ticket had been paid.  The name change information was provided to the trooper by Homeland Security.  The latter warrant was filed by the Alabama trooper being sued for Fourth Amendment violation.  These warrants were kept secret until they thought Morris was in violation of his monitoring agreement.  Morris bailed out but was not violated.
The foregoing demonstrates the illegal alliance between the Alabama Attorney General's office (represents Covington Count on book seizure), Eclectic mayor/Attorney General employee, and Homeland Security.  They have violated Morris' Constitutional rights on numerous occasions.

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